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Still Life

Still life photography in the beginning was quite a challenge for me.  After a few workshops.  I have learned to put together my favorite kind of still life.  

My still life photography has a rustic vintage flair.  I also wanted to be able to tell a story with my photographs and perhaps spark a memory.  Most of my still life photographs do just that, spark a memory I have of someone or something.  Or telling a story I've conjured up in my head and to put it into a photograph, looking for the props I need to create that story.

Perhaps maybe I'm a visual storyteller.  

Also, in this collection there are several photographs of fishing lures which I dedicate to my dad. 

My dad was an avid fisherman.  Growing up dad would be out at sunrise on the weekends to his favorite fishing place doing what he loved.  He'd come home with fishing stories and fish, but also a sunburn on his face and the white around his eyes where his sunglasses were. 

My dad was a very talented and smart man.  He tied his own flies for fishing, drew often in his sketch pad and could always tell a good joke.  

This collection features a lot of his fishing lures and the flies he tied.  

He is very missed...Love you Dad.

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