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When It All Comes Together

So you may or may not know that lately I have been on a creative journey. Well the other day I realized that things are starting to come together. Along with mastering my skills as a still life and floral fine art photographer, I've decided to incorporate my fluid art paintings into my business. I've been doing fluid art for just over a year now and I really love it!

For a while I hesitated on whether or not I wanted to start my fluid art business because I thought it might be too much for me to take on, but since I've started doing shows it seem pretty seamless. I mean it's working out quite well.

Then I thought, could I create enough artwork between the two businesses to keep up? Well here in Maine we have 6 months of winter and with sales being down during that time I think gives me ample time to create.

I also thought about putting both art forms on one website and quickly decided against that, because for me I think they need to have their own website. I will however, have just the one blog and one newsletter.

I'm really excited about this new venture! Still so much to do, but patience, persistence, perseverance and my passion for my art I WILL get there!!

See you next time!

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