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We Have A New Visitor

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

This morning while out walking the property looking to photograph some birds, daffodils and the magnolias I just got. I came across a new bird I haven't seen before. I've lived in central Maine about 14 years and I've seen all kinds of birds, but this species isn't seen much in these parts.

When I first saw this bird I was photographing my daffodils and he/she was in a maple tree singing all kinds of songs. Similar to Northern Mockingbirds who also have a song list of some 1000 songs.

My new bird friend(s) is a Brown Thrasher. There were 2 of them currying about the shrubs in my front yard flipping leaves with their bills looking for bugs. As I tried to move closer they would freeze until they felt comfortable enough to continue scavenging for bugs.

Brown Thrasher
Brown Thrasher

It's my understanding that the Brown Thrasher is fiercely territorial during nesting season and will defend it's territory against snakes, dogs and even people. They will dive bomb and are known to draw blood. Now that's what I call protective parents!

I hope to get some better photos of the Brown Thrasher later.

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