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Two Of My Favorite Things Part 3

Day 5

Finally, day 5 and I'm done! For me it was a huge task, but so worth it!

Overall the entire project could be done in a weekend with extra help, but with just me, it took the five days from the ordering of the supplies to sowing the seeds. And only working in the morning when it was the coolest. For me, it was a big deal and I'm proud of myself for completing the project!

So where is everything going? Well the 3 back beds closest to the house from left to right. The first 2 are going to be sunflowers the last one is a beautiful mauve/pink double bloom peony. Unfortunately, it has already bloomed. So you'll have to wait till next year to see the blossoms. The long bed on the left will feature 3 varieties of cosmos. Which consist of orange, yellow, pink, and white double bloom cosmos. At the bottom of both beds are my future love in the mist. The bed on the right will feature zinnias that have blossoms 4-5 inches in diameter and they will be an assortment of colors. Cannot wait till these lovelies are in bloom!! Above are a few of the seed packets I used for the garden. The cosmos I took all three packets and mixed them together in one packet. That way I will get a surprise! The love in the mist was also mixed with blue love in the mist. Another surprise! The sunflowers I kept separate because the lemon queen is a single stem whereas the autumn beauties are multi branches.

Over the course of the 5 days, it took to complete this project I had a run in with a few visitors.

During the course of wheeling soil to and from the beds I came across this little cutie...not bigger than a silver dollar and as cute as can be. I almost stepped on him/her. Not sure where she came from, but she was on a mission. I believe this is a painted turtle. Where ever she was going I hope she got there safely.

And just when I was thinking there weren't any garter snakes on the property low and behold there he was.

Slithering slowly across the rocks that are between the beds and the house. And he wasn't the only one. A large female was close by. I'm guessing that he was about a foot long and she was 18 plus inches and a lot stockier than him. The photo is a male. I hope to get a photo of the female soon. For the most part, I don't like snakes, but over the years here I've gotten used to them. The garter snake can live 10 plus years. Plus they eat slugs which are not good for the garden and small rodents which are not good as house visitors among other creatures like worms, small reptile, and frogs.

Stay tune to see how far the seedling have grown.

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