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Total Chaos

So for the last month in a half we put our house on the market and then took it back off. For all kinds of reasons which I won't go into. During that time I had packed up a lot of my things for selling purposes and I fully expected to be moving, when in fact I've created total chaos and had to unpack everything. So the past week I've spend time painting my bedroom and redesigning my studio in hopes of creating more space. Not sure if I did that or not, but for now it works.

I guess I wasn't meant to move after all and that's okay...the dogs are now getting a larger play area and we will be doing more renovations later this year. Now I need to get myself back on my creative track.

The next few weeks I will be spending time cleaning up my gardens and getting ready for the Belfast Art Market.

See you next time and hopefully the chaos will have calmed down.

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