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The Sewing Room

I took this photograph of a sewing room from a maritime village dating from the 1800's. I really love the processing I did on this #photograph. It's kind of #ghostly.....

I remember I was exhibiting at an art show in New Hampshire. When a customer approached by booth and was looking intently at this photograph. She said she was a medium or #psychic I can't quite remember which. She said she was getting some vibes from this photo and continue to say that the woman who wore this dress became very ill, and that she had suffered a long time with the illness and passed from it. I thought this was quite eerie and really wasn't sure if I believed her or not. I mean it is very possible that the woman could have been ill, I mean it was the 1800's and medicine shall we say... was questionable back then.

Some people believe in #psychics, mediums, ghosts and all that. I do to some you? Have you had any experiences that came true?

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