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Spinning Round and Round

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

As a #fluidart #painter and #photographer on a shoe string budget, I often find myself making a lot of my own things to create my #artwork. Whether it's coloring my own fabrics or making my own vintage ephemera or making my own spinning table it's fun, creative and I also get to save a few dollars and most of the time it isn't even that hard to make.

When I first starting painting I was intrigue with the spinning technique used by Wigglz' Art. Wasn't sure quite how he did it, but after watching several of his YouTube videos, I finally took the leap and got adventurous.

I pulled out a few tools, had my local hardware store cut me a 24x24 piece of plywood and found a lazy susan at the local store. Measured everything out and put it together and voila done! Easy peasy! My new spinning table works great!

But before I could take my new spin table for it's first spin I needed to create an barrier as not to have paint flying all over the place...I recycled some cardboard boxes cut them to size (about 4 inches tall) and taped them together and put the spin table right in the center.

Placed my 12x12 canvas on top and hoped that when I started spinning that the canvas didn't spin off.

I layered my colors of purple, metallic silver, black, and a bit of red and white across diagonally. Started off with a slow spin and gradually added more speed. Watching the colors move and spread across the flippin cool!

The end result is this very cool metallic 12x12 fluidart painting.

My biggest problem with these #fluidart paintings is I can't think of names for them.....

Watch for this fluid art painting and more coming this fall.

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