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Sometimes It Doesn't Work.....

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Many times I've scraped my fluidart painting and started over. Or I try one pouring technique and end up doing another.

Like with this painting...This one I started with just pouring layers of color which were black, gray, white and yellow directly on the canvas. I tilted and shift, but I didn't like what I was seeing....trying to save the painting I did a swipe using a wide plastic putty knife and gently dragging it across the canvas and a bit more tilting. At that point I did kind of liked it. So I set it aside to see what it would look like after an hour. When you finishing tilting and shifting your painting initially as the paint starts settling it will still keep developing for about an hour or so. And could look a lot different. Which is what happened with this one.

It reminds me of a granite counter top. I love the hints of yellow and all the cells that developed.

Cells are created a number of different ways. In the beginning when I was first learning these techniques I used treadmill silicone. Just a few drops did the trick and voila cells appeared. As I became more comfortable with my techniques I learned that if I poured my colors from high up into my cup it seemed to create cells too. I like this technique better since with the silicone oil you have to clean it off before adding your polycrylic (which is water based) since oil and water don't mix. It's a preference.

This fluidart painting and more will be available this fall!

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