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Show Observations

It had been 5 years since my last art show. I decided to stop because at the time my photography wasn't were I wanted to be. I've been wanting to get back to doing art shows, but my artwork and myself weren't quite ready.

This was the year (2019) to get back to doing art shows. I felt my artwork was ready to be seen by everyone. I am proud of who I have become as an artist and the work that I create.

I had chosen to do just 5 shows. I also chose to do shows that I didn't need a tent. I am a one woman team and sometimes the loading and unloading, set up and take down of a tent and all it's needs is a lot for one person. And I admit it's too much for me.

This was my first show in August which was a 3 day show and my a booth space was 10 x 7.

My set up was an okay, but not what I really wanted. I'm kind of undecided on whether or not to do this show again.

The next show was about 2 weeks later and about ten minutes north of this one and was just a one day show. My space was much bigger 15 x 7 which gave me a lot of space to work with, but again I wasn't quite happy with that set up either. Which is why I take the photos to see where I can improve. Which I do...

So with my third show I was indoors on a nice flat surface. That space was a 10 x 8 and set up looked good and a bit cramped, but I worked with it. This particular show was highly raved about the big crowds. Boy did I ever get let down! The crowds were nothing what I expected and even vendors who have been participating for years even said it was a disappointment. So I ask myself do I do it again next year?

My last two shows went very well even if I did hit a few bumps in the road along the way. My fourth show we had a storm two nights before which we lost power as did many others in the area. Which usually doesn't take much time to restore, but there were quite a few downed trees which made the process longer. But once the show started about 2 hours later I received a phone call from home telling me we got power back and by days end so did everyone else. My last show also went very well. Ended my show season on a high note!

So now I try to decide which shows I will do again and which will not. Well, here's the thing. This is the first year and people are seeing me and my artwork for the first time. So perhaps I should give the shows I didn't do so well a second chance to see if it changes. And if it doesn't then I move on. So next year I will do the same 5 shows as well as 2 others I hope to get into. One of which will be the Home and Garden Flower Show at the Fryeburg fairgrounds in May. I will keep you informed of all the details as I get them and all the other shows for 2020.

Oh and by the way the photo above is of my last show and the big fluid art painting on the right side SOLD!!! I was so excited to sell that fluid art painting! I have to say I try to have larger artwork to hang so they grab the customers attention, but it's a huge bonus if I sell one!

See you next time!

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