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Road Block!

Did you ever run into that infamous Road Block! The one that won't let you pass....the one that you keep running into no matter how hard you try to get around that road block!

As an artist I do occasionally run into those road blocks, but am able to get around them pretty easily, but not this time. Maybe I'm trying too hard...maybe there is too much going on now with the holidays and all? As hard as I try to break through that road block it just keeps getting harder and harder! There were a couple of times I thought I might have broken through, but no....what does one do when you can't get through the road block? Stop! Stop trying so hard! Take a break! I can still maintain consistency in my social media without having to create new artwork.

See in years past I would have these road blocks and get so frustrated that I would leave everything including social media.....only to get more frustrated that I've lost touch with my followers and having to start all over again. I could be so much further now if I had just maintained consistency in my social media when dealing with these so called road blocks! Live and learn is the name of this game. So while I may not have new artwork for a bit while I fight through this road block I will maintain my presence on social media (Facebook, Instagram are my two platforms and of course my blog).

So I'll get through the chaos of the holidays and this crazy road block and hopefully be back on my game in the beginning of the year!

In the meantime I will enjoy some soothing blues....

Stay in touch

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What are your thoughts on this kaleidoscopes? I have a bunch more, but not sure if I should publish them or not.

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