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Ready For The Next Show!

Last weekend I spent 3 days at the United Maine Craftsmen Flaherty Family Farm Arts & Crafts show.

It was a good show for many reasons, but not good enough to attend next year. I had many, many customers come through my booth giving me lots of wonderful feedback on my photography. Which tells me that I am on the right photographic path that I have been following and mastering for the last few years. I received lots of wonderful comments and I did get some sales too. But it just wasn't quite enough to cover expenses. The 4-hour drive round trip each day was another factor in the show. Friday and Saturday were busy and where I made the most of my sales, but Sunday was far too quiet and the customers were few and far between.

I also had a few issues with my booth space. My space was under the big tent with many other vendors and each space is measure accordingly. My space was 10 feet wide and 7 feet deep. Not much but I really thought it would work. I even practiced setting up at home in the same allotted space, but, for some reason it didn't work out. Oh well, live and learn. The bonus is my next show I have a 15 foot wide with a 7 foot depth which should work out much better.

So, unfortunately, this show isn't a good fit for me. And that's okay. It's all about finding a good fit.

I will say, however that the next show I'm doing is a one-day show and it's about 10-15 minutes north of this one. Also, many of the customers said they would see me there at the United Maine Craftsmen Fall Festival of Art & Crafts at Smiling Hill. Which I'm looking forward to in just a few weeks. After this show, I won't have another on until the end of October. Which gives me plenty of time to create more photography! Maybe even some Halloween pieces!

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Until next time!

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