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Raised Beds

In an earlier post you saw the progress I made with my butterfly hummingbird garden.

This post I'm going to show you what I did with my dahlias and #peonies.

Last year we had gotten a bunch and I mean a bunch of garden timbers that we were going to use for borders around the gardens in the front. That turned out to be a bad mistake since our snowplow guy dug them right up in the winter and even screwed up the front steps.

So I had to figure out what to do with all those garden timbers. I also had to figure out where I was going to put my dahlias.

I started thinking and said why not make raised beds with these garden timbers. I mean how hard can it be...right.

So I built one and dang it came out real good! I stacked them 3 high added some support pieces on the inside and lined it with black plastic to keep the dirt in and to prevent weeds. I did poke some holes on the bottom to allow for drainage, but after it was all done I realized maybe the plastic wasn't such a good idea. Live and learn right.

I also found these two plastic whiskey barrels for $20 bucks which was a great deal and filled each them and the raised bed with some good garden soil and compost. Added my #dahlias and seeded in some cosmos and love in the mist which are starting to pop up.

After I moved the rest of the bags of mulch I added my peonies. I had one little problem with the large peony, while digging the hole I ran into ledge. See our house is built on a rock ledge, which is the case for a lot of homes here in Maine. Anyway I hope the #peony has enough space to spread the beautiful roots.

I'm really please with the way this turned out. So much so that I've decided to make more raised beds to add around the #butterfly #hummingbird #garden.

I will say it's been a couple of weeks since I planted the dahlias, #cosmos and love in the mist. They are all coming up beautifully and I see #blossoms I will share with you!

In the mean time...….

Stay in touch

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