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Props Projects!

You know sometimes it's hard to find what you need for props and sometimes you just have to be creative and think outside of the box. Especially when you have it in your head what you are looking for.

Muslin Dyed Fabric
Muslin Dyed Fabric

I headed to the #fabric store and picked up 6 yards of off white muslin....only $3 a yard. Bought some Rit fabric dye in gray, brown, blue, pink, orange. I spent a couple of hours using stainless steel bowls as not to ruin anything (stainless steel doesn't stain). Then I started creating some great color combinations that I love! They are exactly what I wanted and quite frankly a lot cheaper!

I also used the same technique with the ribbons. Although the results were not the same. The fabric was 100% cotton and the ribbon was 100% polyester. Because the ribbons were polyester the dye wasn't excepted as well as with the 100% cotton. I dyed them twice and really darken the dye.

When it was all done, the colors were ok, just not what I had hoped for. Definitely usable!

Slowly but surely I'm developing my collection of #props for my #stilllifephotography.

Can't wait to show you how these will look in my #photographs.

Stay in touch.

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