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Pick Your Colors

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

For a while now I'd been considering custom work, but I wasn't sure if I was ready or not. I gave it a great deal of thought, but I still wasn't able to convince myself. I decided try an experiment. At work I had asked several people to choose colors. They could choose black or white and silver or gold then any other colors they liked up to 3 colors. I got a lot of interesting combinations and I created many different painting with the colors given me.

This first one they chose white, silver, gold, purple and aqua. I did a technique called a #dirtypour in which I layer the colors in the cup then flip it onto the canvas and start tilting and shifting until I get what I like. I like the veining the white makes in this painting.

The next one here the colors chosen where white, silver, purple and aqua. Also did a dirty pour for this one too. This one turned out quite nice too.

I should point out that the silver and gold are metallic paints which gives the paintings a little extra shine. I do enjoy working with metallic paints. It's just hard to show on a photograph.

The last one here is my favorite. The colors chosen where white, gold, purple, yellow and metallic blue. Using the same dirty pouring technique the colors came together beautifully. It looks like there is a lagoon in the corner and the little circles known as cells look like pieces of land.

FluidArt Painting 91
FluidArt Painting 91

I still haven't decided to do custom work yet. But it was great fun practicing. And everyone loved their #fluidart #paintings!

I may be a little behind the times. But I'm hoping to have some videos on how I create my fluidart paintings soon. Just have to learn how to video tape and edit first.

Coming this fall you'll see many more fluidart paintings

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