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New Photo Coasters Coming Soon!

I've decided to start creating photo coasters to add to my art shows and possibly in my photography Etsy shop. Over the last few weeks I've been researching on how to make the photo coasters and whether or not to use poly acrylic or resin to finish them .

It's easier to make these coasters than I thought.

My supplies are:

-4.25"x4.25" ceramic can get these at any hardware store

-semi-gloss photo paper

-4"x4" photo

-self healing cutting mat


-exacto knife

-modge podge glue

-Art Resin

-chef's torch

My first step was to select a collection of my photographs that would work well in a square format. Then I printed and cut each photo to a 4"x4" square. I applied the modge podge glue on the back of the photo and centered it on the tile and let dry over night. As I did with the squirrel and railroad tracks.

Now, here's the part I wasn't sure which to use. Since I chose to make these for use as coasters for beverages I needed to use a product that would hold up to hot beverage and unfortunately poly acrylic won't do that. So it was recommended that I use Art Resin. Which will dry clear without yellowing and low odor. Now the thing with resin is that once you have mixed it according to the directions there are lots of tiny bubbles that you need to get rid of and they won't go away on their own. So I was hoping that a heat gun would do the trick, but no, the heat gun just blows around the resin and doesn't get all the my only choice is a chef's torch. Now I don't know why but using a torch just freaks me out. I just don't like using any type of gas or butane. But if I want to do this I had better get over myself.

So I bought myself a chef's torch and butane and I read the direction thoroughly. I also bought me a fire extinguisher. Safety first you know!!

Okay, so it was easy to use the torch, but it made me awful nervous at first, but I'm getting better at it. The more you sue something the better you get, right!

For a first try at using art resin not too bad. I did however need to watch those bubbles.

I also noticed on the edges of the tiles that they were not white all around, as seen below. So what I did was I painted the edges with white paint before resin. Which I did with the railroad tracks. The squirrel I did catch it soon enough. Still need more work there too.

Also just a note, before I added the resin I used scotch tape and taped off the bottom which allowed for easy removal of the resin drips that gathered on the bottom.

The 2 photos below are the same as the 2 above just that these are coated with Art Resin. I really love how they turned out! So shiny and pretty!

Overall though I'm pretty pleased the way they turned out.

I'll also tell you about my fluid art coasters!

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See you next time

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