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New Photo Art Collages!

I love being creative, finding new ways to show off my photography!

My latest project is creating photo art collages.

So here's the thing. I love making backgrounds that I use for my photoshoots, using joint compound, wallpaper, and stencils. I love all the textures and details that they create. So I wondered how it would look if I used the same technique but incorporated one of my photos.

The Key photo was my first shot at trying out this process.

I used a cradleboard as my base and the photo which, I adhered to using mod podge. Once dried, I added my joint compound and stencil.

The Key

I did this in two ways. In the image on the left, I added my joint compound and stencil first, then my scrapbook paper and photograph on top.

In the image on the right, I added the photograph then, the joint compound and stenciling over and around it. I have to say the one thing I don't like about this is that the joint compound gets on the photo making it hard to remove without damaging it.

After the joint compound was completely dried, I then added my paint color. Once dried, I was ready to finish off this photo art collage.

I had two options to finish my photo art collage.

The first was the Varathane poly acrylic gloss which, is a crystal clear water-based polyurethane with a soap and water clean up. I applied two coats of polyacrylic. Each coat took about 30 minutes to dry. Once dried, it looked nice. It's also the least expensive at about $18 a quart.

My other option was Art Resin which is a crystal clear epoxy resin. This one required a bit more preparation. You have to measure the hardener and epoxy resin equally, then pour them together and thoroughly mix. Then pour over your artwork. You will need to get rid of all the air bubbles using a chef's torch. You will need to cover your artwork for at least 24 hours to prevent any dust from getting on the resin and give the resin time to dry. It will take a total of 72 hours to cure fully. It is also the most expensive at $49 for 32 oz (16 ounces each of the epoxy and hardener).

The photo below shows the difference between the two finishes. The key on the left is with the Art Resin, which has a smooth glassy finish. The one on the right is with the polyacrylic which, has a shiny finish, but the textures stand out more.

Which do I like? Well, I like them both. Although I will say for durability and UV protection, the Art Resin would be my choice.

I still have a lot of experimenting to do but, I'm pretty pleased with the results. Not bad for a first try.

I have to say this whole process took about 5-7 days. The drying took the most time.

I have made several since this post and, they will be available for purchase soon. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

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See you next time.

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