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New Fluid Art Coasters!

As I mentioned in my last post that I was going to be doing fluid art coasters too. Which will be sold at my next 3 art shows and in my Fluid Art Etsy Store. I've created over 60 fluid art coasters and after 4 weeks of drying they are now ready to be coated with Art Resin.

I'm a little nervous about applying resin to these coasters. See I made some sample coasters earlier and waited 2 weeks then I added the poly acrylic. At first they were looking good then they started to wrinkle. The paint was peeling right off the tile. So I hit the internet looking for answers...should I have scratch the tile surface? Should have I waited longer for drying...well what I found out was this...I don't have to scratch the surface, apparently many artists just paint right on top of the glossy ceramic tile, however I did hear that I needed to allow for a longer drying time. Similar to what I would do for my canvases which is about 4 weeks. So I will wait a bit longer.

As with the photo coasters I added tape on the bottom which would allow me to remove the resin that had dripped down.

Well worth the wait, I'd say! I used the Art Resin, torched out the bubbles and they look fantastic!! I'm so pleased with how they turned out! The colors just came alive when the resin was added!

Watch for these coming to my Fluid Art Etsy store soon!

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If you're in the area I will be attending the United Maine Craftsmen 31st Annual Bangor Arts & Crafts Show, November 2nd & 3rd. Click on the link for details.

See you next time!

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