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New Creations

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The gardens are tucked away for the season and winter is approaching. Now I'll be spending the next 5-6 months creating new fluid art paintings. Trying some new techniques and trying larger sizes and having a ton of fun with color!

Bold #colors, #textures, shape and pattern and some #sparkle makes for a stunning fluid art painting. Which I have called a "Cell Valley".

Cell Valley

This is one of my older fluid art paintings. I was experimenting with glitter paint. I kind of like it, but it smells awful! I use green glitter paint here as well as an array of many leftover colors. I also used 100% treadmill silicone to create the cells (small circles). I like the silicone to create the cells, but I dislike that after the #painting has completely dried (about 2 week) I use talcum powder to clear out the oil before I add my polyacrylic (water based) gloss coat to finish the painting.

A haunting post coming next week!

Have a terrific weekend!

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