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New Artwork Coming Soon!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Coming in October new artwork, new website and a new me!

What will you see that you didn't see before?

Well there will be still life photography. Something I've always wanted to do, but could never quite figure out how to put it all together, but I did and in the beginning there will be a few images at first, but plenty in the making. Each one will tell a small story. But between me and you. There could be a book in the future, but tell anyone.

I've also developed my post processing techniques using textures and presets. Learning to use my new lensbaby creating soft dreamy florals.

Honestly I've only been at this new me just a few months, but it feels so right!! It's an amazing feeling when you've found who you are as an artist! I've found it and now I will master it!

During our Maine winter months it will give me ample time to create and explore and share my new projects. For now I spend most of my time photographing my gardens.

This is just the beginning! And I'm super, super excited!

The best thing of all! I get to incorporate my love for gardening, antiquing, creating and photographing into one profession...

I am a Floral-Still Life-Nature Photographer! Yeah!!

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