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Need Vintage Ephemera?

I've been having a hard time finding vintage #ephemera to use as props for my #stillifephotography projects. Sometimes I would find what I want, but it would be too expensive. I tried to make my own once and wasn't overly thrilled with the way they turned out. So I set aside the search and the creativity for a while.

The other day I decided to give my #creativity another try.

It went like this.....I used 4 cups of hot water with 4 tea bags and 1 tablespoon of instant coffee and let it seep for a about half an hour. In the mean time I printed off several pages of text using cardstock and let them dry a bit. I used textured scripts that I had collected over the years from work I had done in the past. Then I took a paint tray liner and filled it with the tea mixture. I would place the printed side down making sure it was will covered on the front with the tea mixture. Set it aside and did another. After a bit when the paper is damp then I would crinkle them up and add them again print side down into the tea mixture and remove to continue drying. If you crinkle the paper before it has a chance to dry some you risk smearing the ink. I will say I did over crinkle, but it's what you like. They take several hours to dry and then I would set them under some heavy books to flatten them out some.

I was very pleased with the way these turn out and will definitely be using them in my #stillifephotography projects.

Sometimes you just have to try, try again. The best part is that it didn't cost me anything, because I had all the supplies I needed and if I want more I'm ready to go.

Watch for these papers in my future #projects!

In case your interested I've collected textures from several artist like Flypaper Textures, French Kiss Textures and 2 Lil Owls. All of whom have fantastic collections of textures!

My MID SUMMER SALE is coming up soon! Stay tuned for details!

Stay in touch!

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