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My Top Ten Favorites For 2019

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2020!!

2019 was a year of discovery and creating a solid plan to move forward with my photography and fluid art businesses.

2020 will probably be one of my toughest years when it comes to keeping my new year resolutions. Have you made yours yet? Are you going to keep them? Most of us don't and I would fit in that most of us don't category. I always say I'm gonna to eat healthier and take off a few pounds and I never do, but this year I need it to be different. I do need to eat healthier, lose some weight, but I also want to be happier. Last year was a bit rough in the happy department. I also need to make my business the best that I can by being more consistent. They all say it's about consistency when it comes to running your own business and consistent I am not! But this year in 2020 I will fight with everything I have to eat healthier, lose weight, be happy and be consistent which really is the key to all of this...consistency!

Along with working on my new years resolution, I'm super excited about all new artwork and hopefully new locations to sell my artwork.

I have so many new ideas and projects that I will be trying out this year and I'm excited to see which ones will make the cut.

In the meantime I wanted to share some of my favorite photographs and fluid art paintings from 2019.

Here are my top ten favorite photographs of 2019. Click on the arrow symbol to see all the photographs.

These are a few of my favorite fluid art paintings from 2019.

Coming in February I will have my new online shop on my website and custom fluid art paintings available. Stay tuned!

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