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My Photos, My Fluid Art Paintings, My Stories

My art tells my story. You could learn a lot about a person through their art.

Every one of this images tells a story about me.

Looking at these images you could say that I like flowers, seashells, collecting old things, scary things, fishing, painting abstracts, bold colors, warm neutral tones, rustic, and antiques. With each photo I could tell a story of what or who inspired me to create each photograph. My inspiration for all my artwork comes from within me and my surroundings.

Take the photo of the fishing fly. My Dad was a avid fly fisherman and loved tying his own flies and the blue fluid art painting...instantly reminded my of the ocean which I love to visit and collect seashells and speaking of seashells what of the photo with the seashell and buoys. What about the skull? I love Halloween and I do have a vivid imagination which is how I came up with masquerade invitation and the stories that can be created with just that photograph. The old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is true no matter what the picture or painting is. Someday maybe I will actually write a story about each photograph or fluid art painting. I have thought about it, but for now it's all about creating the photograph or fluid art painting.

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Have a wonderful week!

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