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My First Attempt At Dutch Pouring

After my last art show at Smiling Hill, I had some time before my next show. So I've been eager to try out a new fluid art pour called a "Dutch Pour." Which includes using a hair dryer to move the paint over the canvas. Like the photo below. After a lot of trial and error and paint splatter everywhere, I think I got the technique under some control.

I love this technique! The way the paint just flows over the canvas. With a bit more practice I'll get better at it. Practice makes perfect or almost perfect.

Update I sold the painting above at one of my art shows!

The dutch pour below came out pretty cool too. Kind of looks like a dragon. What do you think?

As you may know I'm also a photographer and you would think that I would get the lighting right on these paintings, but oh nooo...for me photographing my artwork is quite the challenge. I did get some lighting equipment that I hope will help. Here again practice, practice, practice.

I'll be creating lots of new fluid art for the new year! Stay tuned.

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See you next time

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