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My Favorite Flowers Are....

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

And are also my favorites to photograph, which is why these flowers will become staples in my #gardens.

I've been photographing all kind of flowers for years. #Flowers are amazing with their beautiful colors, petals, shapes, and smells. I get excited every spring when I see them starting to come through the soil and watch as they develop into the beauties that they are.

But over the years I have found a few that I keep photographing over and over and challenging myself to make each #photograph different from the rest.

These flowers that will be forever in my gardens are...Peonies, Sunflowers, #Coneflowers, and Roses. The newbies are #Dahlias, #Cosmos, Love in the Mist and Iceland Poppies. Not sure why I'm drawn to these particular flowers, it could be the bold or soft colors, the way the #petals unfold from a bud, the odd centers of the flowers. All I can tell you is that I love them and love photographing them not to say I won't photograph other flowers, just that these are my faves.

With that said I can tell you right now that I can grow just about anything, but I can't design a garden for nothing! So straight rows it is and just wide enough to get in between to photograph.

This year was a small sampling of some of the flowers I will be growing. Next year I hope for a whole lot more.

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