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My Dad

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The photograph above is my dad when he was in the army back in the 40's I think.

My dad was an artist. I often found him sketching in his drawing pad all kinds of images. Like fish in a stream, or caricatures of our pets mostly our cat and women figures.

I cannot draw like my dad did, but I draw with my vision through my camera. I wish we could have spent more time exploring the artist in both of us, but quite frankly I didn't know what kind of artist I was until recently. I know he is looking down on me and inspiring me every day. You know I didn't realize how much I was really like him until after he passed away. It's been over 30 plus years now. Miss him terribly!

Dad was an avid fisherman. He was up and out before anyone was out of bed. Often coming home yelling "hey kids come see what I caught" with his catches came many stories.

The photograph to the right here is one of the many fishing lures I found in dad's old tackle box. He was mostly a fly fisherman tying his own flies which I have a few of, but he also fished using these fishing lures. This one here is called the "Creek Chub Plunker". Not sure what kind of fish this is used to catch, but I think it's bass since that's the fish I remember dad bringing home the most of outside of trout.

Treasure the moments you have with your dad because you just never know when he will be gone.

Til next time Stay in touch!

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