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Mini Gerbera Daisies Project

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Every still life story starts with a basic idea. Most of my stories start with #flowers. I love flowers and whenever I can incorporate them I will whether they are the story or a prop in the story. I head to my local market pick up a variety of flowers. Then I decide if the story is going to be about the flower or will they be just a part of the story. I take a look at all my props and see what story develops.

In this story I decided to use the mini gerbera daisies I found. Never seen mini gerbera daisies before and they are so cute! I also used some of the ephemera that I created, fabric and ribbon I also made. Added some old #books, a crate for the background, bonsai scissors, wooden #candlestick holder and wooden panel I made for the base. For lighting I used the window light and a small silver reflector to cast back a bit of light.

Then I just started clicking away. Photographing at different angles. Really did change any of the props.

The end result is this.

The only things you see are the beautiful mini gerbera daisies the vase they're in and a hint of the candlestick holder in the background. I added some textures and there you have it! Simply done and showcasing the daisies. What's the story...I can think of many. Can you?

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