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Masquerade Invitation Part 1

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I've been practicing my mixed media collages using my's been slow, but it's getting there. In the photos following you'll see the steps I took from beginning to end. Really though the beginning is an idea, then I go through my bits and pieces of materials that I've collected and see what works and what doesn't. Sometimes I have to hit the craft stores to find what else I want. I photograph each idea then look through them to decide which one I like best, kind of like a story board. Often times I will walk away when I can't decide, which is a good thing...

So step 1 was my first concept. I liked the materials I had chosen based on the photographs I chose which are my Masquerade Invitation and the Haunted Castle. Step 2 I added some stenciling using molding paste which I placed strategically on the canvas. I let that dry for several hours. I then placed all my pieces where I wanted them to go. Now I was ready to add paint. I use acrylic paint and mixed my own color combinations that I thought would work with the colors in the photos. It looks purple below, but the color I used were raw umber with a hint of black, white mixed with gold and raw umber, white mixed with raw umber and black and then a bit of red. Trying to keep the tones neutral and not to over power the entire collage. The ultimate goal is to have this piece look like it's been around for a while...vintage like.

After adding paint with a brush and rag, letting it dry for a bit then adding my vintage style letters and my rose lace. Waiting for those to dry I worked on my metal pieces. I found this great metal lace in a whole roll at Hobby Lobby for under $5.00. There were a few others which I picked up too. So I wanted the metal to look vintage and even a bit rusty, but I couldn't quite figure out how to do that. So took some of the raw umber and black mixture along with a bit of red and with a brush I just painted lightly and voila! I got the vintage look I wanted and I did the same thing to the skull and crossbones too. I think it looks great!

Next time I'll show you the finish product! So stay tuned!

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