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Making My Own Backgrounds

I've recently taken a workshop on how to create my own backgrounds. The workshop was through 2 Lil Owls. An amazing workshop that has really helped me in getting the backgrounds I need to create my still stories. The toughest part is figuring out what I need and how often will I use it. So I've tried to create several different backgrounds with different stencils and neutral colors.

The backgrounds I've created I hope will work with some of the still stories ideas I have. Some are Halloween themed, food and maybe even a masquerade story to tell.

It's a long process and one that takes time and patience.

The first step is to prime my Masonite boards (1) that are 24" x 30" which is perfect for a table top still life story. I use Kilz primer by Behr and prime both sides of the board. On the Masonite boards one side is textured and the other side smooth. I start with the textured side first.

Once the primer has dried then I'll add joint compound (2) in an even pattern to prepare for my stencil pattern. The idea is to make this board look like an old plaster wall that was taken from an old vacant house.

After the plaster has dried (usually over night) I'll use the joint compound to add my stencil pattern (3) allowing that to dry overnight.

At this point is when I have chosen my colors and have my rags ready to start painting. There are lots of different effects you can get with the way you apply your paint whether it's with a brush, rag, sponge or putty knife. Just have fun with it!

I use craft acrylic paint for my backgrounds although some people use chalk paint. I do make sure that my paint is flat. I don't want any shine on my backgrounds. Since for me the focus is the subject in the foreground.

Then to finish the background giving it that vintage grungy look I either use Behr decorative finish waxes or Golden glazing liquid mixed 50/50 with golden raw umber fluid paint (which I purchased through Blick Art). I brush it on and wipe it down and highlighting the nooks and crannies.

Below are some of the backgrounds I created.

Keep a look out for how I use these backgrounds in upcoming work.

Just a little heads up. I will be having my annual Before Black Friday Sale coming up in November. Subscribe to my email list and be one of the first to know when it happens and be included in an exclusive offer.

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