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Love Working With Ranunculus!

The ranunculus flowers are so beautiful. They can be photographed in all kinds of lighting with any kind type of backdrop and still look gorgeous.

Their colors are varied, soft pinks, bright pinks, oranges, yellows, peach and, white. The ranunculus has layers of petals that are soft a delicate. As a cut flower, they last for a very long time. These are the many reasons I love working with the ranunculus.

In the photographs below, I chose to use a dark backdrop to give a feeling of fall with a rustic touch and, the ranunculus did not let me down.

Ranunculus Flowers

Ranunculus Still Life

I love the backdrop on this one. You can see the stenciling without it too overbearing.

Stay tuned for my next post.

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See you next time.

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