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Love Letters

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Here's my starting point to this love letters still story. Which didn't end this way.

Most all of my still stories have flowers in them just because I love flowers! Lately I've been finding a lot of alstroemeria in an assortment of colors. The alstroemeria below are minis which I found at my local grocery store which I thought were super cute.

I started with these hand made vintage style 8x10 letters, which for me were too large for what I was wanting. I heading back to the computer printed some text on 5x7 and created a tea bath, tipped and dried and done. Then I played around with the different color fabrics I made. I find myself leaning towards the pink on a lot, which I used for the curtain.

After lots of shifting around, trying different props this is what I came up with.

As you can see the only thing that is the same is the flowers.

Off to lightroom and used preset from my favorite 2 Lil Owl Lanai #10 and tweaked the settings and then off to photoshop for textures from still stories collection texture #2.

Voila "Love Letters!"

Watch for this photo and more coming this fall

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