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It's Show Season

After five years from the art show circuit, I've decided to get back into the game. I kinda miss it.

I plan to find shows that fit. Shows that I know will work for me and my photography and paintings. This year I have five shows and one art market I've chosen.

Now the art market is alongside a farmers market. It runs June through August and it's a pay per week. Since this was my first time trying this market out I decided to do just two days. The market fell on a Friday and the first Friday I did well, the second Friday not so much. The other vendors were really nice and the weather both days were great, but there were two downfalls, one the farmers market, folks went there first which is great, then they would walk by and say "I'll stop by next week" or "I'll see you next week". I found that to be frustrating and for me maybe not worth it. It took me an hour to get there and about an hour to set up. With travel time and gas I just didn't find it would be a good fit. But hey it's all about finding the right fit for me and my work.

This weekend I will be attending my first show. It's the United Maine Craftsmen's 3rd Annual Flaherty Family Farm Arts & Crafts Show. It's a three-day show and I will be driving to and from the show which is about a 2-hour drive one way. Yeah I could have gotten a hotel, but it's cheaper to drive and I don't mind driving.

If your in the area stop by and see me!

I've worked with United Maine Craftsmen before and over the years they have gotten better with the quality of products and vendors.

I'll be doing 3 more shows with them.

So we'll see how this season will pan out and if I will be doing these shows again next year. I have already chosen a few more shows to try for next year.

I'm excited, nervous and cautiously optimistic for this season. My next show is in September and I'll tell you all about that and the results of this show next time.

Til next time...

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