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I've Been Antiquing Again!!!

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Renovations are finally done! It finished up about a week ago and life is slowly getting back to normal.

Every since the completion of renovations I've been shopping...for the house and for future still life projects. And boy am I having fun!!!

Spent my birthday at the Vintage New England Bazaar which was good and I did find some treasures, but the one in July was much better. I also found some great deals on #Halloween treasures.

I'm always looking for good architectural pieces for background textures which here I found two framed metal work pieces, an old screen window, a large corbel in the back there and a white corbel I got at Hobby Lobby 50% off. That was a great deal! The fabric is a #spider web table runner which will be used in multiple set ups.

In the next couple of photos you can see the little #skeleton guys, a #raven, #masquerade mask, a small mercury glass bowl, under the mercury glass bowl in a bat candlestick holder, a #candelabra which will have many uses as well. There is also a small container the skeletons are in too. You can also see I found various pieces of forks and spoons which I will be using in some food still life work as well as a small lantern. Did you see the #grimreaper there and the large skeleton head? And a couple of pheasant #feathers behind the grim reaper.

I also found me some #scrapbooking paper that looks like #vintage #wallpaper which I will be using for my backdrops that I'm going to be making soon and will be part of a future blog post.

I have a lot of ideas for Halloween themed still life stories and also a masquerade theme. Slowly but surely I'm collecting the pieces of my #stories. And I'm still not done! There are more sales to be had and a few #antique shops to visit!

I gonna be very busy this winter creating stories and making some of the props to go with them. Stay tuned for all of that!

I've decided I'm going to give art shows another try. When I first started doing them about 9 years ago the economy wasn't doing so well so after 5 or 6 years I decided to stop. It just wasn't cost effective for me. Now that the economy seems to be better and I have a new since of who I am as an #artist I thought it was time to reenter the show circuit.

So yesterday I spent some time figuring out what art shows I wanted to do next year. And I will be visiting the ones I'm interested in within the next few months. I did however decide that I wanted to participate in the United Maine Craftsmen shows which is a local promoter I have worked with before and anxious to see if I can get in again. I hope to do 4 of their shows, but time will tell.

In the mean time I will be going full steam ahead with creating new photography, fluid art paintings and working on some photo collages.

Stay in touch!

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