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I'm Back & See What's New

I've been off the grid for quite a while dealing with life's ups and downs and everything in-between, as with most of you.

But things are getting better. Although I haven't been around on social media, I have been busy creating and learning new things.

I've done a lot of experimenting with different kinds of art mediums recently, such as learning some botanical illustrating, abstracts using acrylic or oil or watercolor paints, which were all fun, but not want I wanted. That's when I realized that photography is my true calling. I have found doodling to be quite fun and relaxing. I have found that when I make a mistake, I can fix it, and it still comes out pretty good. I could and have spent hours doing these. Recently I've been doing them at the end of the day to unwind.

The doodle here is one of my first ones. It's not perfect and not meant to be, just plain old fun.

Now for some updates.

I do have some new photography that you can view on my website. I will also be posting in the coming weeks about these new images.

You can now purchase my photography on my website at Cindi Ressler Photography.

If you are looking for a canvas print, framed print, or something similar, you can shop at my Fine Art America store.

If you are interested in purchasing my photography on pillows, mugs, phone cases, tablets, aprons, bedding, and other like items, you can do this at my Redbubble store.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also join our mailing list and receive my newsletter which, will update you on all the latest at Cindi Ressler Photography, or by text message CindiRPhotos to 22828.

Stay tuned for my next post "Major Accomplishment."

See you next time.

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