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I Love Gardening But...…

I love gardening, but as with many gardeners there are challenges. For me it's constantly changing things around and not letting the garden grow and develop into the beautiful garden it should be.

So this year is my year for new beginnings and changes. And when I say changes I mean changes everywhere in my life. From home to business to gardens.

The gardens will change one more time and will stay that way for many years with minor changes and additions.

Last year I started a butterfly hummingbird garden in my front yard with some bee balm, butterfly bush, coneflowers, peonies and roses. This is a north facing garden and it does get the 6-7 hours of sunlight required for most perennials. So I wanted to expand and add a few more plants.

I headed to the garden center about a week ago and bought a whole bunch of plants including 2 magnolias. I have a tendency to buy plants that I like to photograph. So now I have a collection of peonies, bachelor buttons, coreopsis, irises, daisies, black eyed susans, hollyhocks, delphiniums, globe thistles, roses, and a butterfly weed as well as a basket full of dahlia bulbs.

The first photo is before I added all the above plants, 2nd and 3rd photo are showing the progress in which I planted all the plants in one day! Dang I was so sore the next day!!! The last photo is all the plants are in the ground and almost all mulch. Just have some areas around the garden edges to mulch.

The irises, peonies, rose, dahlias and the magnolia did not get into this garden. If you look at photos 1 and 3 there is a large garden in front of the house which is where the irises and the rose went.

It's was ginormous task for me, but I was determined to get it done!!! I want and will have the garden of my dreams one way or the other!

Stay tuned to see where my dahlias and peonies ended up!

Stay in touch!

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