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Haunted Castle

Welcome to Gillette's Castle. I love this castle! It's located in East Haddam, Connecticut.

I decided to process this and add a few things, but I'm undecided if I like the black and white or the color version. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

I studied photography in Seattle, Washington and graduated with a degree in Commercial and Industrial photography. A far cry from what I'm doing now. I remember one of my instructors telling me that my photograph of the sunset was great, but everyone does sunsets he continued to say that I needed to photograph the sunset that would be different from everyone else. I needed to put my own twist on creating a sunset that was unique to me.

This is the before photo with the 2 lil owl preset portico

Here I have a similar scenario. A very typical photograph of Gillette's Castle. So what could I do to make it uniquely me. Well I added a preset from 2 Lil Owls portico collection and textures also from 2 Lil Owl and a few other friends like a cat, spiders, crows/raven and a skull. And voila I took a common photograph and made it mine.

#Spiders, a #cat and a murder of #crows flying over this #haunted #castle and hidden is the #skull of the previous owner.....

I love Halloween!

There will be more Halloween photos to come.

Just giving you a little heads up...coming in November is my annual Before Black Friday sale and for my subscribers they get a special sale the day before I announce the actual sale. To be a part of that just Subscribe below to my email list.

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