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Halloween Stories With Photography & Paintings

One of my favorite holidays! I love watching all the old horror movies and learning about Halloween's history. But what I really love is creating art work that reminds me of Halloween. Challenging my imagination to create a photograph or painting the represents Halloween.

Here are some photographs and fluid art paintings that remind me of Halloween. The stories that could be told with these images.

Every year by invitation only visitors arrive to the annual Halloween Masquerade Ball held at Raven's Castle wearing 19th century attire. Raven's Castle has an evil history where there are many secrets and hidden tunnels. Stories of ghosts and dragons that haunt the castle. Some have seen a ghost of lady in a purple gown that was shredded by the breath of a dragon. Others have heard monstrous sounds within the castle's walls. Yet every year visitors attend this masquerade ball...why? Curious perhaps, but "curiosity killed a cat, satisfaction brought it back."

Would you be brave enough to go to this masquerade ball knowing the castle's history?

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