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Going Through The Archives

Most photographers myself included have photos that they've taken and have tried to process them, but that photo was missing something, but you like it enough to keep it. So for now that photo heads to the archives until that one day you have some extra time to go through those archives.

That's what happened with these two photos. I've had them in my archives for a few years now and the other day I was looking through some old flower photos and decided to try to process these again. And boy am I glad I did!

These are a pair of pink poppies from my garden. Personally I find these flowers a bit of a challenge to photograph, but easy to grow.

I've tried processing these poppies in so many different ways including using textures, high key and black & white. But what worked was Topaz impression. I really love the painterly quality of these photos. They are now in with my floral collection...I love them!

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