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Everything Comes To A Halt!

So I've been on vacation and during that time I had every intention on doing a lot of photo editing and preparing for my metallic collection. Well the collection is coming along nicely, but unfortunately I won't have it ready in time for my November launch.'s called technology. Unfortunately my computer has decided that lightroom and photoshop upgrades were too much for it and decided it had enough. I was still able to use both programs but at a snails pace and it was taking far too long to process photos. So I decide it was time to upgrade and get a new computer. I will say this one has lasted just over 4 years, which I was hoping for another year, but no such luck. So I went to my favorite online shop (B&H Photo) and ordered my computer, but they were closed to observed the Succos Holiday. Which meant my order wouldn't be processed until Monday the 12th. Then I had to wait a week before it arrived which meant I've lost a week of production. I guess it could be worse. I love purchasing all of my camera and computer gear from B&H Photo. They are the best!! So it's worth the wait.

So while I am waiting for the computer to arrive, I spent several days downloading my files from my PC to external hard drives to be ready for transfer. Also been researching how to move my photos and presets to lightroom and photoshop.

I also when and got me some flowers and worked on some photo shoots. Right now I have over 700 images to review and I'll probably do a few more shoots before the computer arrives.

Ruby Red Alstroemeria

Once I'm satisfied with what I've gotten for photography then I will start painting again.

This is my first collection and I want it to be GREAT! So unfortunately the collection will take a bit longer than I anticipated and I know it will be well worth the wait!

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Have a great week!

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