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Dr. Fetterman Office

My favorite kind of shopping is antique shopping. Once a month or so, I head out to my favorite antique shops to see what's new and what will inspire my next photoshoot.

With this photograph, I found some great finds. The journal was used, by a local apothecary shop that kept track of the medicines and drugs sold to the local doctors.

The other finds were the two bottles that have labels on them. They are both extracts and from the Eli Lilly & Company from 1909.

The celery seed extract had liquid still in the bottle and, the cork wasn't secure. The cashier had asked if I wanted the contents emptied and, I said yes cause I didn't want it to spill in my car. Well, when I got home, it smelled terrible! I couldn't seem to get rid of the smell. I eventually put a cotton ball in to act like a cork, then plastic wrap around the cotton, then in a Ziploc bag. When I use it for a shoot, I wear gloves as not to get the smell on my hands. I've had that bottle since April of this year and to this day. It still smells bad. It's a great prop.

Dr. Fetterman's Office

Oh, and whose Doctor Fetterman? He has a running bill in the journal.

I love this stuff!!!!

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See you next time.

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