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Down By The Train Tracks

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

I love being down my the #railroad tracks #photographing! When I started photographing the train tracks I needed to get a different perspective on them. I mean anyone can photograph train tracks, but it was important to me to find that different view another perspective that would allow my photograph to stand out from the others. I would stand in the middle of the tracks and stare down the tracks and just look at them and I would keep looking. I knelt down and was liking what I was seeing, but not quite there yet. On my camera the LCD screen rotates out away from the camera which allowed me to bring the camera all the way to the ground and boom! There was the image I was looking for!

I loved getting the details of the nuts and bolts, railroad nails, railroad ties and looking towards the #trestlebridge it was amazing!

Trestle Bridge
Trestle Bridge

In #photoshop I added some #textures to get that vintage feel I was looking for and boom! Done!

I remember back when I was attending photography school, one of my instructors told me that it's great to take photographs of sunsets, but you have to stand apart from everyone else. That's what will make you a better photographer. I took that bit of advice to heart. With every "common" scenic I look for a different perspective that makes it unique. So the next time you look at the #sunset, #flowers, the #landscape around you, think to yourself how can I make this look even better!

Stay in touch and see what's coming soon!

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