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Inspired by a passage in "The Starless Sea." A character is walking down a hallway where the walls are white; the carpet was a deep blue, and doorknobs hanging from white ribbons, with tags telling them where the door that the doorknob was attached to went to.

In my version of this passage, I was, using a blue plaster wall I made. I hung several doorknobs from white ribbons. The tags didn't work for this photo because I couldn't find or I couldn't make a tag that I had envisioned.

In "The Starless Sea," there are different stories behind each door. Behind one of these doorknobs is a story waiting to be told by you. What would it be?

The stories that you can tell if you use your imagination! Where do I want to go?

When I opened the door, Before me was this beautiful majestic black stallion, with his long wavy mane and tail. I've dreamt of having a black horse. Seeing this stunning animal looking back at me was pure magic. I instantly felt a connection with this him. I hesitated on walking through the door, not knowing if I could go back if the door closed. I've read a lot of books and, in most of them, the door disappears. I wanted to go through, but then the horse raised his foot and stomped it on the ground several times, and his head motioned me to walk towards him. For some reason I trusted this horse, a horse I only dreamed about, a horse that I've never met but only in my dreams. Wait, am I dreaming? No, it's too real to be a dream. All of a sudden, it felt like someone had pushed through the door, and just like all the books I've read, it disappeared. I panic for a moment then the horse came closer. I reached out to pet him as he lowered his head for my hand. We bonded immediately. To me, the world around us was non-existent. He knelt on one knee, allowing me to get on his back, and without hesitation, I climbed on his back. When he rose, I was sitting on the back of this majestic horse, and it felt amazing. I grab hold of his mane when I felt a tag of sorts. I looked at it, and it read Raven. Was that his name? So I said to him, is your name Raven? He shook his head and neighed in agreement. I said, nice to meet you, Raven; I'm Katrina. He gently started walking towards the beach. He somehow knew I wasn't a horse rider and was allowing me to get comfortable.

It was amazing! Not a soul around feeling the warm sea air as we rode on the beach. I didn't want this to end. I didn't want to go back to the door from which I entered. But there had to be more to this, right?

Where will this story go to next? I don't even know, but stay tuned.

I would love to hear your comments. I'm new to this writing stuff. Please be gentle.

Stay tuned for my next post "New Backdrops."

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See you next time.

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