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Christmas In Maine

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The Christmas season is upon us and I wanted to share one of my favorite places and photograph. Take a look at this! The Rockland Lobster Trap Christmas Tree! There are many lobster trap Christmas tree throughout Maine, but for me there are none greater than this one.

I remember the night I photographed this tree. It was so cold! I parked across the street and would photograph til I was too cold then jump in my car to warm up then head back out for another round of shooting then back in the car. Did this quite a few times. And so glad I did.

The world's largest lobster trap #Christmas tree! Since 2003 local volunteers of #Rockland, #Maine have been building this #lobster trap tree which consists of 152 lobster traps each weighing 40 pounds, 450 feet of garland and 125 lobster buoys that represent local lobstering families. The tree stands 30 feet tall with a 5 foot fiberglass lobster to finish off this beauty of a Christmas Tree.

Have a wonderful holiday season and be safe!

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