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Change Is on The Way!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The last few months have thrown me quite a few challenges. Now that things are somewhat under control, for now. It's time to make changes and create the art that makes me happy and keeps me sane.

After a lot of contemplating, I've decided to include fluid art paintings with my photography on one website.

I've chosen not to decide which one I love better. And I'll tell you why... Photography is about my passion with flowers and creating fun and fascinating still life stories. I love having an idea in my head and recreating it into a still life story. Making beautiful floral photos whether close up or in a still life set up. Every photograph I create has some sort of story that goes with it.

Fluid art, well that is something completely different. I love working with color! When I first discovered fluid art it was love at first sight! But after 100's of paintings I started to realize that my photography had taken a back burner and I wasn't happy about it. So, I reenergized my photography and put the fluid art on the back burner.

Recently fluid art had decided it needed to be in my life. So, I decided to embrace the idea of incorporating both arts. I want to do what I love because I love what I do. Besides I like diversity keeps me fresh.

I've been working on my website to include my fluid art collection. Later this month I will be launching the new website. There will be some new products that I will be adding throughout the year as well as new photography and fluid art.

White Ranunculus

Right now, the collections that are available to see are:

Floral Photography

Floral Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography

When I launch the website the new collections you will see are:

Photo Art

Fluid Art Paintings

Finally, the collections I will be adding throughout the year are:




Fluid Art Painting #162

This year is going to be full of challenges, but I'm ready to take them on one by one and be my 4 P's...I will be Passionate, Persistent, Persevere, be Positive and to commit and be consistent with my family, my business and myself.

See you next time! Be safe, be strong, be healthy.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. You can also join our mailing list and receive my newsletter which, will update you on all the latest at Cindi Ressler Photography & Fluid Art Paintings, or by text message CindiRPhotos to 22828.

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