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Be Still My Heart

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I absolutely love my #bleedinghearts. These beautiful delicate, but hardy plants grow so well in my shade garden. Every year they seem to double in size. They are a sure sign that spring is coming and the first to bloom in my gardens. I have several varieties. Of course the popular pink bleeding hearts, I also have the white bleeding hearts and my stunning pink bleeding hearts with chartreuse almost yellow leaves. Beautiful contrast with my other bleeding hearts and great background when photographing.

Every year I take on the challenge of getting a different perspective of these little gems and also trying different editing processes. I'm also challenged with mosquitos and to see how long I can stay outside before they find me. Which is why I always wear long pants and sleeves. The mosquitos can be brutal here as well as the blackflies which is another story for another time.

You can also get home décor, totes and more with my original photography on them.

Coming soon! New artwork and home décor!

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