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Baby's Breath

How many photographs can I get in one photo shoot? Lately when I set up to do my still life photo shoots, there is a lot of details added to create the story. Lots of thought and time goes into each one of my still life photos.

Baby's Breath and Bird Nest

To start this photo shoot I had purchased these beautiful baby's breath and wasn't quite sure how I wanted to portray them. The background I chose was my first choice, then proceeded to find a vessel to put these lovely little flowers in. After many changes I chose this black milk jug that worked well with the background.

Now it was time to set up the base or table. I added the blue fabric for some color then used my favorite linen table cloth and lace doily.

Now for some details...I had found this hummingbird nest out in my yard and fortunately it was empty and thought this would be a nice addition, then added my bonsai shears and some vintage style paper to finish with the props. I cut some small stems of the baby's breath to add at the base of the milk jug along with a few little flowers and finally a feather or two to bring it all together.

Baby's Breath

At this point I start photographing from different angles, close up, full frame, vertical and horizontal. Creating many images just from this one set up.

My orginal goal was to get a full frame shot like the photo above, but as I was going through my images the top photograph looked really good too.

Off to Lightroom where I added a preset and tweaked the settings and then to photoshop where I added textures a couple small birds and final details to complete the processing. I do want to mention that my presets and textures are from 2 Lil Owls.

Now lets talk timing. It takes time to set up the shot. Depending on how satisfied I am with my set up. Sometimes it comes together quickly other times not so much. Honestly I've never really timed myself, but if I had to guess for this particular photo shot maybe an hour or two. The computer time is about the same time maybe longer, starting with the upload to picking out which ones I want to process. Most of the time I already have an idea of how I want this photograph to look like in my head which makes the process a bit much easier. But not always successful. I can be a very determined person, so I keep trying until I get it or thoroughly exhausted.

I love how these to photographs turned out. Now for the next still life shoot.

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Have a safe and wonderful week!

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