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Art Deco Fluid Art Painting

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

I started acrylic fluid #art #painting about a year ago and I fell head over heels in love. I love the use of colors and all the different techniques I've learned. Fluid art painting has allowed me to express another side of me. I have found that with #fluidartpainting I have no boundaries. I chose my colors and go to it. Many times I have what I would like the painting to look like in my head, but usually after the paint has hits the canvas and after I have shifted and or tilted the canvas I get something different, but still beautiful. Sometimes better than I had thought.

With this painting I wanted to use black and silver as my negative space and fill in with the aqua, bright coral and white. So here's what I did. Imagine silver on one side of the canvas and black on the other side. Then in the center I pour my colors white, then aqua then bright coral, some black and silver, then I repeat. When I'm done there is a circle in the center of the canvas with all of the colors. Now I lift the canvas and start moving it around tilting one way then another. Look and then again tilting until I get what I want. I then take a heat gun blowing out any air bubbles and also creating some cells which are the small circles on the canvas.

I'll let this dry completely about 2 to 3 weeks then add a coat of polycrylic to finish it off.

Unfortunately this photograph doesn't do it justice. The silver is metallic which gives it a shine which to me is what makes this painting.

I called this "Art Deco" because the colors reminded me of art deco.

Watch for this fluid art painting and more coming this fall.

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