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Antiquing Anyone?

Amazing #Treasures found in Amazedly Hot Weather!!!

Saturday Mom and I went to the Vintage Bazaar New England. After a 2 hour drive we arrived at the Bazaar at just about 8:30am just in time for the early birds to be allowed in. It was already 70 degrees and humid out so it was a bit tough on us. Fortunately most of the vendors were under shade. Right a way I was finding what I needed for props. I would have spent more time there but the heat was for us becoming uncomfortable. The show was a combination of vintage as in old and #vintage as in looking old, but new. There were lots to choose from and a good number of vendors. The best part is that this show will be back in October. I will definitely go back!

One the way back home, we did stop at one of my favorite antique shop the Roller Rink Antique Mall to see what more I could add to my prop collection. That's where I found the gloves, pearl necklaces and silver candlesticks.

I also purchased on etsy these bonsai shears from 13th Gypsy Designs.

For the rest of this week the weather is going to be hazy, hot and humid the infamous HHH, which here in #Maine are thankfully few and far between. Fortunately I have air conditioning and will be spending lots of time in the studio working on my #stillifephotography projects!

Coming up later this month I will be having my Mid Summer Sale! Subscribe to be the first to know when!

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