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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

A few years ago I was looking around the city of Bangor here in Maine for a photograph I needed for a gallery showing. The gallery was very specific that the photograph had to be somewhere in Bangor. So I went to one of my favorite places to photograph....the Mount Hope Cemetery. Yes I know it sounds weird to photograph in a cemetery, but you can get some great animals, flowers and landscape shots.

On this day the snow was fresh and fluffy and actually looked like a big feather comforter. I was walking along when I came upon this shot. I love the composition with the layers of tombstone, fluffy mounds of snow the long shadows and the beautiful birch tree, but if you look closely you will see only 1 tombstone with a sunburst on it. It was quite strange, but fascinating. Perhaps an Angel was in the cemetery that day. Which is why I chose to call this photo "Angel".

With a photo like this on a bright sunny day, it was more than likely the positioning of the sun to where I was standing and caught the sunburst on the tombstone just right. But you know what....I want to believe there was an angel there that day.

In the spring I went back to see the name on the tombstone and did some research and unfortunately couldn't find any information except what was already on the stone.

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