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All The Stories To Be Told In One Photograph

What kind of story can you get from this photograph or for that matter how many?

I love creating photographs that can tell a story or sparks a memory. Creating these photographs allows me to let my imagination go...

The concept for this photograph is "A Walk In My Garden". In my garden I have birdhouses and I love watching the different birds and identifying new birds as well as gardening and cutting flowers to photograph. With these thought in mind I then decide what I need for props and what type of background I want. Now I start putting the story together. I add, then subtract, then add again...then another thought to incorporate into the story. Stand back take a look and decide if it makes sense. Then I start photographing from many different angles.

Walking through the gardens photographing the flowers, tending to the weeds, finding feathers, seeing a new bird, checking to see if there are any baby birds in the birdhouse or maybe baby squirrels. The discoveries in our gardens are endless. What's in your garden?

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Where can you purchase my artwork? Cindi Ressler Photography & Fluid Art Paintings or Etsy or Fine Art America. At Fine Art America you can also find my photography on blankets, mugs, phone cases, tote bags, bedding, pillows and more....

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