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Adjusting To Life and Business

For the past few months, I've been adjusting to life. Now that I've become mom's caregiver, there have been many changes; I'm now starting to get into my rhythm and taking each day as it comes, which allows me to deal with the bad stuff when they pop up. Mom is doing well; she does have her good days and bad days; as for me, somedays are more difficult than others being that I'm dealing with this myself. I do have support from my sister, who is just a phone call away, but I have found my art keeps me going; my art is my therapy.

So that being said, how many times can you change your business a lot; I've done this more times than not, and I will probably do it again, until I find something that works for me.

Fluid Art #191

One minute I'm a photographer the next, I'm a fluid artist, and for a while, I couldn't figure out where my happy place was, and honestly, I'm still not 100%, but I am still doing both, and will continue to do both.

There will be some changes in how I do business, every 4-6 weeks, I will be sending out a newsletter to all my subscribers telling them that I will be having a new artwork available for sale for a limited time only; once it's over the artwork will be removed from my website; my floral, floral still life, and still life photographs and fluid art coasters will always be available; coming soon there will be fluid art keychains, necklaces, and ornaments.

In the meantime, I've been busy creating lots of new artworks that will be available soon; subscribe to my newsletter to find out when!

Oh, and I should mention that my business has a new name Cindi Ressler Studios; I changed it because I now will have both fluid art paintings and photography available for sale on my website.

I also want to mention that I will be closing my Etsy shop in late June. I haven't been getting many sales, and with Etsy raising their transaction fees, it isn't cost-effective for me.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram; you can also join our mailing list and receive my newsletter, which will update you on all the latest at Cindi Ressler Studios.

Until next time, have a beautiful week!

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